SolarVR by Aura Interactive

SolarVR is guided tour of our solar system in virtual reality. It will give you audio/text narration of every Planet in the solar system. The central theme of application is that you sit in one spaceship and your copilot will take you on a tour of every planet. Along the way, he will guide you and inform you about every planet in our solar system.

The spaceship has two functioning modes, one is “Tour Mode” and other is “Explore Mode”.

Tour Mode:-

In tour mode your spaceship will run on the static way from one planet to another planet, starting with our home planet Earth. Your co-pilot will inform and guide you throughout the tour.

Explore Mode:-

In explore mode you can dynamically choose planet on which you want to go and our spaceship will move there. In this mode, you have complete freedom of which planet you want to explore.

You can interact with spaceship control panel with gaze cursor. Just gaze on a button for two seconds and it will be clicked.

A powerful phone with GPU will give you a better result and smooth head tracking.

Please ensure that your device support head tracking and google cardboard application.