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SolarAR, an educational app offers you a new and fun way to experience Augmented Reality and learn about our solar system.
With our planets flashcard image, this app will transform a simple planet image into attractive, animated 3D planets in real life. Also, build a whole solar system by interacting with planet flashcard.

Designed by AURA INTERACTIVE(, the SolarAR app offers you :

Interact with planets, learn about them with amazing AR experience. Also, listen to audio description & text information about planets and the sun.

Apart from individual planet AR experience, when you focus on planet flashcard and meanwhile drag the sun flashcard and you will see how planets rotate around the sun in real time.

Learn about planet ordering in real time. If the sun is detected and planets are rotating around it and you place planets in the wrong order then the app will guide to rearrange them. And its all in real-time!!

About SolarAR:

SolarAR is developed by Aura Interactive with aim of making learning more interactive through Augmented Reality. You can download planets markers from –

How to use?

It is very easy and fun to use SolarAR.

1. First download planets flashcard/marker from –

2. Print the downloaded pdf. (It will also work in black & white print.)

3. Cut individual markers from a print by cut-marks.

4. Open the SolarAR app and focus on printed image targets and experience AR.


While focusing on individual planet card you get live 3D planets with audio and text description.

Focus on Sun flashcard and drag planets in app’s view field. You will see they start rotating around the sun.

While rotating around the sun if you arrange planets in wrong order, the app will show red ring on the wrongly placed planet. And guide you to rearrange them correctly.