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3D Coloring Alive is live augmented reality coloring app which allow user to color the character and see their own creation live and they can play game with their own created character.

How to Use 3D Coloring Alive ?

1. Take print of coloring page that you want to color. Download coloring pages images from app or you can download it from here.

Cow: http://bit.ly/CowTarget
Goat: http://bit.ly/GoatTarget
Hippo: http://bit.ly/HippoTarget
Rhino: http://bit.ly/RhinoTarget
Stag: http://bit.ly/StagTarget
Elephant: http://bit.ly/ElephantTarget
Bear: http://bit.ly/BearTarget
Lion: http://bit.ly/LionTarget
Rabbit: http://bit.ly/RabbitTarget
LazyGuy: http://bit.ly/LazyGuyTarget

2. Color your character given in coloring page.

3. Open 3D Coloring Alive app and scan coloring page. The character will come alive with animation.

4. You can also see live coloring on 3d model when you are coloring on page.

5. Play game with that character.

Available Coloring Pages Include:-

Nine Animals and one lazy guy character.

More other characters will come in future.


1. Enjoy traditional coloring book using augmented reality.

2. Live coloring to 3D model of character.

3. Fully Animated 3D characters.

4 Engaging Gameplay.

What next?

Initially this app include animal characters. In next update we will provide more exciting character like cars, cartoons
etc. and interactive game play too.


This app might not compatible with low configuration devices.